12 Months of Fashion

12 Months of Fashion

For the last post of 2018 I wanted to do something more up close and personal. So I put together a short diary of some more behind the scenes and less staged content that you haven’t seen from me.


Visuals Trend Boards; first and second layout and line all done by me, the third layout was done by me for a group project with flats designed by Rachel and our garment done by Genesis helped us win third place out of all the visuals classes.

Trend Board for Spring ’19

IMG_8432-1 2

Primetime Dapper for S/S ’19

IMG_8431 2

Urban Bean for S/S ’19

IMG_8746-1 2


Styling competition styled by Mariah Tyler. She is great at what she does! You can check her out on @trulymariah on social media or by going to mariahtyler.pixieset.com.



I got really into puffer jackets. You couldn’t catch me outside without one.



Hello, sparkles! This was the fanciest I got to dress up this year.


May was a month full of love and red seemed to be a common theme. This was also the month I started becoming more obsessed with shoes.


Here are some behind the scenes on some of my shoots. June was when I started doing a lot with the blog!


I really want to thank everyone who helped me with modeling again because without them, I wouldn’t have had a base to create anything. See all of my first stying projects on my own:

First Photoshoot

Downtown Styling

Guys Looks for Summer

Summer Trend Styling



The party look from my belated graduation party. These $10 (!!!!) shoes were a constant topic of conversation.


These are two pictures from a plethora that I took and planned to make a post revolving around but every other day I would hate them. So here is a sneak peak of what could have been!


I kept ordering shoes…..



Pictures and styling by Mariah Tyler titled “Autumn Tones”


I continued to put my thrifting to use.


Stylish stockings are all the rage in my house. I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I wish everyone an even better New Year. I’ll see you in 2019 with even more ideas.


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