Pool Day Fit

Pool Day Fit

Weekend styling was fun even though it was sweltering. The focal point here is the skirt I’m wearing. $5 from Goodwill! This skirt is pretty girly for my taste, but I can’t deny that it does scream summer. The challenge was to style the skirt in a way that made me not hate it as much. To try to do that, I got the idea to do a pool day theme. Some takeaways I took from this are:

1. style is definitely uniquely what you make it

2. you can style almost anything to make it look better

3. we still love balling on a budget

Directly after this, I got right into the pool. I have never changed my clothes so fast. Enjoy seeing some of my twenty mosquito bites that I chose not to cover up. I think they add character.


Pool Day – But Make it Fashion (or at least attempt to)

Version 2
Fashion Allysse

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