Trends in Brooklyn

Trends in Brooklyn

When what was expected to be a typical Monday in class turns into roaming Brooklyn, it’s worth making a post about. Here is a peak into our assignment to capture trends.


Picture 1 | Trend: Big 90s inspired sneakers [SS21 Footwear Forecast, Doneger]

Picture 2| Trend: “Courtside ease” sneaker/shoe [SS21 Footwear Forecast, Doneger]

Picture 3| Trend: Menswear influence that can be unisex [SS21 Footwear Forecast, Doneger]

Picture 4| Trend: Modern Classic bags that will never go out of style [SS21 Accessories Forecast, Doneger]

As fashion students always on the go, we’re able to put together these causal and modern combinations to create our own sense of street style.

Fashion Allysse

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