3 Perfect Dresses for Summer

3 Perfect Dresses for Summer

Anytime I put on a dress this summer was wroth documenting. From looking at my pictures, I started to notice that I definitely had a “type” when it came to dresses this summer. They were pretty form fitting and were around the same mini length.

1. The Leopard print

From the time I was looking for something conservative for a bridal shower but threw that idea out the window when I found this.

2. Vertical Stripes

I’m not sure if I think the vertical stripe illusion makes this dress flattering, or if I just like the idea that this is a one piece that looks like two pieces. Either way, this dress is one of the more unique ones in my closet.


3. Spaghetti Straps

The blue dress alone has been perfect for when it’s 90 degrees. When it’s in the cooler lower 70s, it’s also great for layering ontop of shirts like I did here.

There’s a 95% chance I was still wearing sneakers with these but at least I didn’t wear pants, right?

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