Officially a Fashion School Graduate

Officially a Fashion School Graduate

Since we’ve last talked, I am now a Kent State University Fashion School graduate with Manga Cum Laude honors distinction! Graduation day was a great day, period. Being able to see my peers and professors that I hadn’t seen in so long sent me on an adrenaline rush of happiness the entire day.

The Look

For my look, I wanted to do something that felt chic and classic. I went with a creme, asymmetrical, one-shoulder midi dress. For shoes, I chose clear Steve Madden heels with a gold buckle. The definitely hurt, but it was a fashion risk I had to take. Shop them here.

Graduation day brought forth such a realization of how draining, stressful, and overwhelming the past year of school has been. All of us grads have overcome so much. As stressful as things still may seem, we deserve to take time and enjoy this moment right now.

Fashion Allysse

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