5 Ways to Style Your Favorite Sweatpants

5 Ways to Style Your Favorite Sweatpants

Sweatpants can be worn in so many ways other than just for bumming at home. Here I styled 5 ways you can try wearing your favorite pair of sweatpants out for the day. All of these outfits were created using the same pair of sweatpants.

Dressed Up & Down

Details: casual blazer, white button-down, sweats | This style very much gives me “heading to the subway to run errands in NYC.”


Details: flannel, short sleeve crop top, sweats | This is fitting for a night out downtown perhaps for food, drinks, and music.

Tee & Turtleneck

Details: graphic tee, turtle neck sweater, sweats | I love this combo for this time of the year. It’s cozy for watching movies at home or heading out to a theater.

Long Sleeve Crop Top

Details: long sleeve crop top, sweats | I often wear something like this when I’m out shopping or looking around. It’s an easy and comfortable way to make a statement.


Details: crewneck, white button-down, sweats | Cute for a simple outing like a coffee shop stop.

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